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We are looking for kind Sponsors such as you to join our movement to empower young musicians with the opportunity to perform at Hansori Music’s major music events, including our annual concerts at the Sydney Opera House. 


Hansori Music has always aimed to scout musicians to share an unique opportunity to live their performance dreams. Our journey has taken us to performing at charitable community events such as the Royal North Shore Hospital and Westmead Children’s Hospital. Our students have achieved exemplary results in the AMEB, gained secondary private school and local community scholarships, and have won prizes at both domestic and international piano competitions every year. Recently, we had our July Holidays Masterclass workshop and concert at the Fine Music Studios (Radio Station 102.5 FM).


We would be grateful if you supported us to give more opportunities to musicians at our annual Sydney Opera House concerts. This event will be advertised internationally at Sydney Opera House’s ‘What’s On’ programs, the box office, our social media platforms and in various places around the local community. Every event will anticipate an audience of more than 200 at one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, the stunning Utzon Room of the Sydney Opera House with an ocean lit view of the Sydney Harbour.


As well as our annual Sydney Opera House concerts, we are looking for sponsors to support our ongoing work for Masterclass workshops for all musicians and charitable community concerts which will occur across the year. Additionally, we are planning to establish our first Hansori Music Competition for young, talented musicians such as HSC music students in Sydney, Australia.  Your invaluable support is much needed.


Download the file above and fill out our Hansori Music Sponsorship Form to join our movement in empowering musicians with opportunities to perform at our Biannual events. Learn more about your benefits. 

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