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April Concert @ Performing Arts Theatre in Chippendale

Saturday 6 April 2:00pm
Chippen Street Theatre
Sydney, Australia 

1. Teddy Xu

Etude by Ferdinand Beyer

Robots by Anne Crosby Gaudet


2. Evelyn Grace Jade Quach/ Cello

Suzuki 1 French folk 


3. Abby Young

Hopping along by Fritz Emonts


4.  Amelia Ning

Little Flower Girl of Paris by William Gillock 


5. Teresa Ling

Sonatina Op 36 No1 3rd Movement Vivace


6. Harry Lee

Sonatina No 11 in C major by George Benda


7. Zara Chen

Sinfonia in E minor, BWV 793 by Bach


8. Trinity Zheng / Cello

Poor Old Battered Broomstick 

  By Caroline Lumsden 


9. Emily Zhu

Romanian Folk Dances No.1, 2, 3, 4, 6 by Bartok

Waltz in E minor by Chopin


10. Henry Ling

  Russian Waltz by E. Kate Chernin


11. Trinity Guo 

Prelude No.1 by Gershwin


12.  Terence Zheng

  Lose Blätter Op 147 No 2 in A minor

   By Carl Kelling


13. Morris Huang

1st. Mvt. from Sonatina Op.100 by Dvorak


14.  Derek Zheng

  Etude Op.91 No 17 by Moskovski 


15. Gina Jin

Variation on a Theme by Paganini 

By Berkovich 


16.  Mina Jin

  Chopin Grand Valse Brillante Op 18


17. Ian Bradbury / Cello

   Celtic Meditation by Loreta Fin


18. Skye Lee

   Sonata in D major K.484 by Giuseppe               

    Domenico Scarlatti 


19. Hiya Saraiya

    Struttin's It Around by Sonny Chua


20.  Lorenzo Fontana Piccio

     Nocturne in C# minor Op Posth 

     By Chopin


21.  Daniel Park

Sonata K.141 in D minor by Scarlatti

Fantasie Impromptu by Chopin


22. Teresa Kwok

    Prelude & Fugue  No 17 Ab Major 

     Pour le Piano No 2 Sarabande by Debussy


23. Isabella Yu & Julie Zhang

Slavonic Dance, Op.72 No.2 in E minor by Dvorak


24. Vasilissa Moldavska

  Arabesque  No 1 by Debussy 

  Night Pieces No2 Night & No3 Stars


25. William Xu (Adult) 

   Always With Me by Youmi Kimura

26. Luke Zhang

Etude in C minor by Rachmaninoff

  1st. mvt. of Op.31 No.3 by Beethoven

  Alborada Del Grazioso by Ravel

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